On the road again

Publishing Autumnville was honestly a high point in my life. Maybe the highest. Its been super exciting and really put some much needed gasoline in a tank that was nearly dry.
Not wanting to rest too long on my laurels, I’m already working on chapter 2 of the second series and chapter 3 of a short story collection.

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Its been a fun ride. Exhausting at times but an honest milestone in my life that feels amazing. Having a book published is a dream come true, and an eye opening experience. Next time I’ll know where potential mistakes may lie in wait and I’ll be able to tackle them before hitting the PUBLISH button. I’m excited to say I’m a professional author.

Building an idea worth going after.

I was lucky enough to build a world that I really love to write in. Its not a chore, and to be honest, I’m sitting on hundreds of fun ideas for short and long stories alike.


up with ideas is a blast…and new ideas come every day. Its the best part of being a writer.
For me, ideas start small.
I’d like to write a story about a demon terrorizing a town full of monsters.
So, that’s what I did.
When you have an idea, write it down. Save it for a rainy day. Chances are, one of those ideas will come in handy or solve a problem or even inspire something completely perfect for what you need at that moment.
The question I get asked most is –
“Where do your ideas come from?”
And the answer is simple.
They come from everywhere.
The real question they’re asking is –
“How can you do it and I can’t?”
And the answer is simple.
I never give up.